Amber Marino

I am a NPC Women's physique competitor from upstate NY. I began my competitive career in Figure 9 years ago and transitioned into WPD 2 years ago. Growing up i played just about every sport I could but was especially passionately about softball and gymnastics. I currently run my own nutrition and personal training business .

Two words, gym rat. If I could sleep there I would. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you im most likely training...don't bother calling. I was always a sports nut growing up and still am. Baseball and I have a yearly understanding, I wont miss any games even if I have to tivo them and pretend I didn't hear the highlights from friends and sportscenter and the game will try to keep my blood pressure at a manageable level. I am a diehard Yankees fan. I also play sick at work for NCAA basketball. Im 28 years old and am a NPC figure competitor. I've been competing for several seasons but really feel like im finally coming into my prime this year. I was lucky enough to find a trainer (Rene Marven) who is a great fit for me and I know I wouldn't be progressing the way I am without her! It also doesn't hurt that I have an incredibly supportive and loving boyfriend who pushes me to do my best everyday. My goal is to transfer into physique within the next year and qualify for nationals! Now let's get in the damn gym and break something!! :)